Sunday, May 3, 2009



Exhibit 1. the varihalareous keetykatcharc also known as the the underwater happy cat. it feeds on lobsters and french fries but will attack fat men. they prefer to reside in backyard pools and small ponds.
Exhibit 2. the toadlardic duckatron a.k.a. the toaduck. this vicious reptile will not hold back from chomping on your childs lower buttox and toes. they normaly live in the desserts of New York City. SO BEWARE OF THE TOADUCK MY FELLOW NEW YORKIANS!!!!

Exhibit 3. this very unique creature called the mamileous birdileous carcileous archileous thingious. Locas of Canada call it the "Flesh Eating Pigion-Duck of Hell" it eats only flesh and blood while living in the frezzing temperatures of South America.
Exhibit 4. This crazy mixture of man and walrus is the last known survivor of the 15th Ice age in Africa. Its real name is the reeliest uuglyestin walramaniest. Just call him walrus man. Dont go huntin after this thing! it gets angry when people shoot him with harpoons and try to capture him and use his blubber as feul efficient moon bounces, so again, dont mess with him!
Exhibit 5. This is a common creature.It roams the streets and some are kept as pets in some homes. It is called the variousius chiwawaious chikonclukklc. It will eat paper, light bulbs, and 40 gigabyte mp3 players(only 40 gigabyte.)
Exhibit 6. This is your Mother when nobody is looking. However its scientific name is Yourecis Motheris. This is a highly classified picture. If my mom caught me putting a secret photo of her on the internet, she would kill me!!!
Exhibit 3. peguinius batiusnus. it lives underground around arctic areas. It's a carnivorous flying animal that can fly at very highly underground speeds with it's mouth open to catch anything to eat in it. it's mouth is large enough to swallow a giant banana.

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  1. this is probably one of the most halariose things i ever read and the last one i believe is your mom scott nahhh im just kiding. and to you Matthew you do nto have big muscules or a curled mustache as you would say sssssssssiikkke.You also have butter fingers and you suck at football.

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  3. 1 of those pictures scott got from his oter 2 best buddies besides mathew and collin. u got them from me and my other best buddy T.M. from google at school i looked it up

  4. it was the ugly girl one

  5. paula and catherineAugust 10, 2009 at 12:20 PM

    helllooooooo again collin and matty....were commenting on all ur pst in case ya havent figuered it out yet. we also are going to send you the blue bogata ball cause theres nothing else to do in south america other than play soccer (wich is rly fotball if ya didnt kow that :) ) alright so were gona move on to the next post now. lots an lots of love PAULA and catherine catherine catherine

  6. Aaaaakkkwwwwaaaarrrdd.... that was funny yet disturbing!