Thursday, March 26, 2009

Custom Transformers

The creaters of this website are big fans of Transformers as you all can see so we have created our own. They are so cool. Enjoy learning about them.


This is Scott's custom Transformer. If you are not blind you can see his name is Blackshot, he Transforms into a car called a Bugatti Veyron. It's the fastest street legal car. It is also the most expensive!$!


This is Colin's custom Transformer, Rapidfire. He transforms into a car called an Audi R8. It's the car Tony Stark drives in the movie Iron Man.


This is Matt's Transformer, I probably don't need to tell you his name. He transforms into a Blue Angel jet. A Blue Angel is blue.(just incase you didn't know)

Our transformers have a team and a quest just like the Autobots and Decepticons in Transformers the movie. Our team is us three but. We have no name for our team yet,but we do have a symbol to represent us. Our quest is to to capture the shards of the Allspark (like in TF2) and use the power to repopulate our newly discovered planet and rule it ourselves! So we are pretty much more evil than the Decepticons and we fight against the Autobots and the Decepticons. ( :

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

I Cannot wait for this movie! Wolverine is awesome!I just REALLY REALLY hope that they don't skrew it up. But I dont think that they will because from what I saw in the trailer, wow, amazing. The movie focuses on Wolverines past life. He grew up with a generally a normal life until his uncle shot and killed Wolverines dad because his dad like had an affair with his brothers wife or something. that got wolverine mad, just kidding, he was'nt mad he was really really really furious, not mad. he was so mad that his mutant power was exposed(mutant's powers are normally dicovered during the mutants extreme emotion, unless you're like nightcrawler and you're born blue and only with three toes, in that case, you're going to know you're "special") Wolverine then pulled out his bone "claws" and went into his like "animal rage" mode (that's when he gets super strength and stuff but he can't control himself and goes killing guys like the Hulk). So yeah, wolverine went into crazy killer zone and murdered his uncle. Then he runs and joins the army and does a few other things until he decides to do this mutant experiment called "Weapon X" where they try to turn mutants into like super weapons. Wolverine was born with the ability to heal really fast, he has enhanced senses like an animal and he can pull out bone claws. Weapon X took advantege of Wolverines healing factor and literally cut him open and covered his entire skeleton with Adamantium which is a completly and totally indestructable. after that they erased his memory so that they could re-raise him to be a perfect soldier but Wolverine broke out before they could train him so he had no memory of who he was. Let's get one thing straight: Wolverine was born with bone claws but Weapon X coated them with adamantium. In the comics this is when Wolverine joins the X-Men, but in the movie, this should be about when he meets up with the other characters. In my opinion, some of these characters should have been in the first three movies. Don't worry, I wont be comlaining the whole time like in my article about the new comics. My only complaint is: Why didn't they bring in some of these characters earlier? I'm glad that they're bringing them in at all, but they had three movies to bring these guys. but I dont actually blame them 100%. I mean, they did bring in some good characters in the movies, and its hard to have alot of characters in one movie. There are like alot of good guys who were main characters in the comics. like Emma frost( Oh yeah!),Deadpool,Gambit(he's tight), the Blob( he's funny), and a posably Storm when she was a kid(I'll explain that soon). Emma Frost is this hot lady in the comics and now in the movie (she's not as hot in the movie as she was in the comics. no offense to the actress playing Emma Frost) But anyway, she can read minds and do some other telepathic stuff. And she can turn her skin into this material like diamond but when she's diamond, she loses her telepathic powers. You can see her in the trailer, she like glows white in the movie when she turns into diamond. Ok enough about her, who's next...... oh, Deadpool, he's the guy in the trailer with the swords. In the comics, Deadpool had a cool black and red costume and stuff, but hey, at least in the trailer he had a red shirt on. I don't know Deadpool that well, all I know is that in the comics he was a funny guy who was always skrewing around and cracking jokes. He, like Wolverine, was a victim of Weapon X's experiments. I don't know what they did to him, all I know is that he is real good with swords and stuff, and he heals almost faster than Wolverine. Now let's talk about Gambit. Gambit is awesome, he like charges kinetic energy into objects, makes them glow, throws them at something, and then they explode. Pretty awesome, right? He was born with glowing red eyes and everybody thought he was a demon or something and his parents just left him at a nursing home. When this gang of thieves heard about him, they kidnapped him because they thought he was "le diable blanc"-The White Devil(that is racist!)- the thieves raised him and tought him how to fight and pick pockets. he soon became a master thief. Blah blah blah blah blah blah, He now always carries at least one deck of cards that he charges with energy and throws to make explosions. He is also good with a bo staff you can also see him in the trailer. He's the guy with the deck of cards. Next, we'll talk about...The blob. This guy is pretty funny, in the comics he was this totally fat guy that could bond himself to the ground, making him an un-movable object. He was Magneto's like best minion, I can't believe he didn't appear in the first three movies. Also, because of his fat and blubber, he can withstand bulettes from small fire arms. In the movie, he's not as fat as he was in the comics, look him up on google images, he was REALLY fat in the comics. One mistake that the movie makers made was with Sabretooth, he was also the result of Weapon X, he's pretty much exactly like Wolverine, only instead of claws, he has adamantium nails. Gross right. Okay, heres the mistake that they made: In the very first X-Men movie, Sabretooth is one of the bad guys and when Wolverine meets him he acts like he's never met him in his life. BUT... In the X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer, You see Sabretooth and Wolverine fighting. May I remind you that the X-Men Origins is the PREqual, so he meets Sabretooth and possibly kills him in the prequal but in the first movie he has never seen Sabretooth in his life. One argument is that he got his memory erased but he fights Sabretooth AFTER his memory is erased. Now, moving on to Cyclops. In the movie, Wolverine meets up with Cyclops when he was younger. he tapes his eyes closed and puts on sunglasses to make people think he is blind. If you know cyclops, you can see him in the trailer shooting his beams out of his eyes, and he is seen just with hi glasses on. Another mistake! Wolverine meets Cyclops in the Prequal but when he meets him in the first movie, he acts like he has never met before. Ok, on to something that is probably confusing you. Like I said before, Storm might be in the movie as a kid. In the comics, Storm was changed back into a kid and had her memory erased because of this criminal mastermind. When I saw this little girl with black skin and white hair and I assumed that it was Storm when she was a kid. I don't know that it is storm, that's just a guess. New news!!! the black guy you see in the trailer with like a cowboy hat on is not Bishop like I thought he was, he's really John Wraith or Kestrel. In the movie they're just going to call him Wraith. He can teleport. He was also a victim of Weapon X. I bet you are also wondering about Wolverines babe in the movie, that's Silver Fox, she just has a SUPER healing factor. she heals even faster than Wolverine. I think that they're going to have her die in the movie but she ends up alive because of her extreme healing factor. Agent Zero and Beak also might be appearing in the movie but I'm real fuzzy on details about them. Anyhoo.... Be sure to see the movie when it comes out on May 1st!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

If you're like me, and only watch the super bowl to see the comercials, you might know what I'm talking about: Transformers 2, I'm totally siked, it has all of the robots that were in the first movie(except for Jazz because he died in the first one) plus some new robots. The movie is coming out on the 26th of June.I saw Transformers in the theaters and, dude, it was amazing, I now own it and I can't wait for the second one. One main question is What's the Story? Megatron died in the first movie, right? Alot of people are saying that Starscream takes Megatrons place as the leader of the Decepticons, that's not true, what really is going to happen is Starscream and the remainder of the living decepticons go after tiny shards of The Allspark (The Cube) that are all over the place, then, with The Allspark, they can bring Megatron back to life. So again, Megatron will not be seen in the movie much until the final battle. All you guys out there who are obssesed with Megan Fox, I have some good news: she's going to be in the second movie and she looks as good as ever if not better, if you know what I mean. ;-) Theres going to be alot of new characters, mostly on the autobots side. I'll list them.


side: Autobot
transfomation: one blue, one pink, and one purple motorcycle, all at one time!!!

other notes:She's a girl Robot. Her name is pronounced R.C. three small robots/motorcycles (each different colors,light blue, pink and red)form into one normal-sized robot,the one in the picture above.

side: Former Decepticon, Current Autobot

transformation: SR-71 Blackbird

other notes: Old guy, used to be evil, he gives up his life and parts to Optimus Prime

3.&4.Mudflap and Skids

side: Both are Autobots

transformation: Mudflap: Red Chevrolet Trax...Skids: Green Chevrolet Beat

other notes: There twins and there gonna be some of the main characters


side: Autobot

transformation: Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

other notes: He's not going to be a super main character


side: Autobot

transformation: Chevrolet Volt

other notes: He's got electro-whips in his hands!!!

7.&8.Ravage and Soundwave

side: Decepticons

transformation: I don't know what Soundwave is going to turn into but I do know that Ravage is going to be in the movie, you see him in the trailer(Which you can see at the bottom of this site.) he's the jaguar-looking guy.

other notes: I think that Ravage will turn into a missile for Soundwave to shoot.

9.The Fallen

side: Decepticon

transformation: an alien jet

other notes: The picture next to the full body picture of The Fallen is the movie poster, only it is brightened so you can see the details and tell that it is a picture of The Fallens face.(click on full body picture to get a better look.) Also note that the movie is called Revenge Of "The Fallen". That means that "The Fallen" will get his revenge!!! According to the info we found on wikipedia, The Fallen is Megatrons boss who told Megatron to create the team of decepticons you see in the movie. The Fallen is part of the original 13 Transformers. He's the Ultimate bad guy who is trying to blow up the sun and the Earth.
(don't get him confused with Sideswipe)
side: Decepticon

transformation: Audi R8 (my personal favorite car)

other notes: you can see him in the trailer at the bottom of this page, he's the guy who runs through the wall, transforms, and drives.

members:Demolishor, Hightower, Long Haul, Mixmaster, Rampage, Scrapper

side: Decepticons
transformation: all of these guys combine into one huge guy called Devestator.Demolisher=Mining Excavator, turns into the big guy's torso.Hightower= Crawler Crane, turs into big guy's left arm. Long Haul= Dumptruck, turns into big guy's right leg. Mixmaster= Concrete mixer, makes the big guy's head.Rampage= Bulldozer, turns into the left leg of the big guy.Scrapper= scoop loader makes the huge guy's right arm.

other notes: you can see the final product of all the guys mixed together in the trailer at the bottom of the page. he's huge, you can't miss him.
17. Scalpel
side: Decepticon
Transformation: ???
other notes: This guy is gonna be important. He's the decepticons Medical officer like Ratchet is the Medical Officer for the Autobots.
18. Wheelie
side: Autobot
Transformation: ???
Other notes: This guy is really important. Thats all I'm saying.
and thats not including the new humans like Leo Spitz, Sam's new room mate and Alice, an enemy of Sam's who isn't exactly human.
For more info on any of these guys, I recomend going to

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The New Comics Are Screwed Up!!!

As you can see, I have alot to say abot the new comics, so feel free to stop reading whenever you like, but just don't leave this site. Okay, let's get started complaining!! As I mentioned in my Iron Man 2 post, the newer Marvel Comics are currently sucking eggs. And do you know why? I've got three words for you; it's because Stan Lee (the genius creater of Marvel Comics) has retiered from the comic factory and some new loser wanna-be fat rats have taken over and totally skrewed up the entier company in so many ways that I can't even begin to count!!! I can't tell you all the info I know on this subject mainly because I can't fit it all on this one post but also because I could probably get sued for alot of stuff that I would like to say about these no good dumb baboon butt suckers who don't deserve to lay eyes on this once glorious and amazingly awesome gift-from-the-gods of a factory. I'd like to bring to your attention how much these new fatsos have changed the comics, we'll use the X-Man Colossus (Piotr Rasputin) Matthews(one of the creaters of this site, see "About Us") favorite superhero as an example, guesse what they did??.... they made Colossus gay!! There is nothing wrong with gays infact I say that gay marriage should most definitely be legal and I might even write about gay marriage eventually, but thats off topic, I own a comic in which you see Colossus in bed with the X-Man Northstar(a.k.a. Jean-Paul Beaubier). Not only is this inappropriate, it is not accurate, Colossus was never even close to gay!!! He was romantically involved with the X-Man (technicaly woman) Storm as well as Katherine "Kitty" Pryde (a.k.a. Shadow Cat or Ariel). Not only have they messed up many characters life as of right now, but they also skrewed up the entire past comics. For example, according to the new comics, Colossus was born a mutant with the ability to turn his entire body tissue into a steel-like material, that part is true but they have also been saying that Colossus has been on a super steroid called "Banshee" his entier life, giving him his super strength. BULL CRAP!!! Everybody knows that Colossus was born with both the ability to turn into metal AND super strength. So, they've successfully ruined the past, present, AND the future comics. Every body is evil!!!! WHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHY!!! What happened to the superHEROS?? Now Wolverine has a MUTANT son who kills MUTANTS. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE???? And now the one person who can't have a child has had a son,The Hulk I'd like to point out that this is do I put this.......IMPOSSIBLE!!! When his heart rate gets up, he turns into the Hulk and goes on a crazy killing spree, you younger kids may not know this but it's impossible to keep you heart rate normal while having a kid. he would have killed his sons mother on accident. Everything has to come to an end and Marvel Comics' end should have been a long time ago. And it has for some characters, like Captain America. BUT they even found a way to skrew THAT up. You know how, they brought them back to life as zombies. Okay, First off, thats impossible. And secondly, who wants to read about a whole bunch of dead guys??? This brings me to my second section of complaints. That's right, you've only read my first section of complaints. My second section is about the blood, language, and other inapropriate material in the new comics. there's so much blood, violence,cussing, sexuality, and a whole bunch more stuff that we don't need to see. go to your nearest comic book store and look in any new comic you see and I can garuanty that you will see at least three inapropriate scenes, words, or phrases. In the old comics, anyone who could read could pick up a Marvel comic and read it without seeing anything inapropriate or offending, now when you go into a comic store, all of the new comics have to have a warning on it saying it is for teens or older. If you'll notice, the spider-man comics in the newspaperare still okay, and do you know why? It's because Stan Lee writes them and Stan Lee is a genius. Okay, I gotta stop talking, I doubt anybody is still reading this, but if you are, thanks for listening to me complain.


We, as you probably already know, are HUGE Iron Man fans and we have the latest info on the next movie. First off, the enemy is going to be the almighty War Machine, James "Rohdey" Rohdes (played by Terrance Howard in the first movie.)How do I know this? Well when you watch Iron Man as many times as I have, you notice some hints, like when Rhodey first sees Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.)put on his Iron Man suit and break through his roof, Rhodey looks over at the Mark 2 Iron Man suit and says to himself "Next time baby". The second movie is "Next time" when Tony Stark goes broke and Rhodey dons the Iron Man suit while adding the latest war machinery to the suit and changing the colors to black and silver. Another hint is in the credits when you see the Ten Rings (we'll get to that in a second) in a circle, it canges into the barrel of a gun mounted on War Machines shoulder, I know it looks like Iron Mans shoulder but just trust me, it's not.Unfortunatly, Terrance Howard will not be playing James "Rhodey" Rohdes, some new guy is, I can't remember his name but I think he'll do fine. What I'm worried about is the Manderin, he's Iron Mans ARCH NEMISIS who has ten rings, one on each finger, each with its own unique power. If you hadn't noticed, in the movie, the terrorist group that captured Tony Stark is called "The Ten Rings" refering to the manderins rings (well, Thats our very educated guesse). The thing that we're worried about is the Manderins race, (not being racist) in the comics The Manderin was Chineese but in the movie, the terrorist clan that is working for The Manderin is like Vietmeneese or something so lets hope that the Manderin is Chineese and NOT anything else. New stuff has been totally ruining the past stuff, but more on that in another post. the last villan that might be appearing is Fing Fang Foom, also from the original comics. he is a dragon-looking alien from another planet who gave The Manderin his ten powerfull rings. In the comics Fing Fang Foom ( I love saying that!!) looked like a chineese dragon like in those chineese new year parades. I don't Know when The Manerin or Fing Fang Foom will be coming in, they may not be coming in until the third movie,or they might come in on the second one, I don't know when, but they WILL come in the movies eventually. At least I hope.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Worlds Funniest-Looking Fish(Yes, It's Actually Real!!)


The blobfish (Psychrolutes marcidus) is a fish that inhabits the deep waters off the coasts of Australia and Tasmania. Due to the inaccessibility of its habitat, it is rarely seen by humans.
Blobfish are found at depths where the pressure is alot higher than at sea level, which would likely make gas bladders inefficient(Whatever that means). To remain above the seafloor, the flesh of the blobfish is primarily a gelatinous(JELL-O!!!!) mass wich weighs slightly less than water; this allows the fish to float above the sea floor without wasting energy on swimming. The relative lack of muscle is not a disadvantage as it primarily swallows edible matter that floats by in front of it. The picture on the right is a regular blobfish, I've named him Squidward because he looks like Squidward. The picture on the left is our " Rough and Tough" blobfish but I call him B.A. for short. He looks like my hamster. And they all lived happily ever after. THE END
(Info from