Sunday, May 3, 2009



Exhibit 1. the varihalareous keetykatcharc also known as the the underwater happy cat. it feeds on lobsters and french fries but will attack fat men. they prefer to reside in backyard pools and small ponds.
Exhibit 2. the toadlardic duckatron a.k.a. the toaduck. this vicious reptile will not hold back from chomping on your childs lower buttox and toes. they normaly live in the desserts of New York City. SO BEWARE OF THE TOADUCK MY FELLOW NEW YORKIANS!!!!

Exhibit 3. this very unique creature called the mamileous birdileous carcileous archileous thingious. Locas of Canada call it the "Flesh Eating Pigion-Duck of Hell" it eats only flesh and blood while living in the frezzing temperatures of South America.
Exhibit 4. This crazy mixture of man and walrus is the last known survivor of the 15th Ice age in Africa. Its real name is the reeliest uuglyestin walramaniest. Just call him walrus man. Dont go huntin after this thing! it gets angry when people shoot him with harpoons and try to capture him and use his blubber as feul efficient moon bounces, so again, dont mess with him!
Exhibit 5. This is a common creature.It roams the streets and some are kept as pets in some homes. It is called the variousius chiwawaious chikonclukklc. It will eat paper, light bulbs, and 40 gigabyte mp3 players(only 40 gigabyte.)
Exhibit 6. This is your Mother when nobody is looking. However its scientific name is Yourecis Motheris. This is a highly classified picture. If my mom caught me putting a secret photo of her on the internet, she would kill me!!!
Exhibit 3. peguinius batiusnus. it lives underground around arctic areas. It's a carnivorous flying animal that can fly at very highly underground speeds with it's mouth open to catch anything to eat in it. it's mouth is large enough to swallow a giant banana.

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Friday, May 1, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Movie Review

Ok, first off, I give that movie a 12 out of 10. thats right, i went of the scale!!! the movie was PACKED with action, every two minutes there is an intese fight going on. This is a must see movie. Even though it isnt exactly like the comics, they deffinently pulled it off. One BIG thing they changed was that Sabretooth was Wolverines brother, that never was in the comics, but it did make the movie a bit more interesting. I'd also like to point out that I called the ENTIRE movie, I predicted everything. One thing that was really changed was that they split up Emma Frosts powers. They let her keep her diamond skin but gave her telekinisis powers to her "sister" Silverfox. In the comics, Silverfox had only the power to heal extremly fast, even faster than Wolverine heals. Emma Frost also was an only child. Okay, now, if you havent seen the movie yet, stop reading right now because the rest is movie spoilers.

Deadpool was awesome, he was as awesome and as funny as he was in the comics. at the end, William Stryker (head of Weapon X) made "Weapon XI" by tricking Sabretooth into finding and kidnapping powerful mutants and taking their DNA. Then Stryker toke the DNA and put all the powers of the mutants into one person, "Weapon Eleven" who is Deadpool. he has Cyclops' eye rays, teleportation, super healing, and Enhanced speed, strength, and reflexes. He also could pull out Adamantium sword blades from his arms, like Wolverine's claws. This also never happened in the comics, however, Deadpools face was skrewed up like it was after Stryker was finished with him. Also notice that in the begining of the movie, Stryker says something like " Your the greatest soldier on earth Deadpool, but you dont know when to shut up." Then, Notice that when he becomes "Weapon Eleven", Stryker had stitched hes mouth closed. Only one problem... how does he eat? another mistake is, How can Deadpool bend his arms when he pulls in his sword blades? When he pulls in his swords, they would lock his arms. Also, off topic, Gabit is french, notice his name " Remy" whet kind of accent does he have in the movie? I have no Idea but I know its not a French accent. Oh, and whats with Cyclops' powers, he could like control his powers or something because his glasses werent made of ruby. More soon... Igotta go.

UPDATED INFO!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. They came out with a date for the movie teater relase for IRON MAN 2!!! It comes out April 30th 2010. See the poster above. middle is war machine and Iron Man, top right is Nick Fury, and top left is Fin Fang Foom.

2. they also have scooted the Transformers 2 movie from the 26th of June to the 24th of June. Lucky us!!!

3.X-Men Origins: Wolverine came to theaters today, May first and I', going to see it tonight. I'll right a review on it when I get back.

4. Check out this ugly dog we found on the internet.

creepy, right!?