Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Hulk 3!!!!

I' m sure that many of you have seen "The Incredible Hulk" movie. If you havent then you had better see it soon, it's really good (but not as good as Iron Man). What you don't know is what the third movie is going to be about. yes, you read that right, third movie. the first movie was just called "The Hulk" and I do NOT recomend watching this movie, I personally hated it, there was no story at all and there is no connection with any of the characters. Anyway, the third movie is going to be about The Leader, a guy who's BRAIN was super enhanced because of the Hulk serum instead of enhancing his strength like Abomination and The Hulk. And, get this... You already know The Leader! Thats right, he was in "The Incredible Hulk". His real name is Samuel Sterns. He's the guy in the movie called "Mr. Blue" and he tries to help cure Bruce Banner (The Hulk). Remember him now? Only, Sam wants to tell the world about the Hulk serum and sell it to the army so that they can create Hulk solidiers. Of course Bruce disagrees to this and runs of to fight. Then Abomination attacks Sam and tells Sam to give him the hulk serum to make himself more powerfull. Sam agrees and gives abbomination another super drug after the army gave him the super soldier serum(the one Captain America toke). then, with the Hulk serum, he goes mad and smashes Sam into a wall. One drop of blood gets in his cut on his head, then he makes a creepy smile and you don't see him for the rest of the movie. But... in the next movie he comes back a super super genius with a giant brain. Now I'd like to complain about the movie. First off, Abbomination looked like a giant scaley fish. But i guess the Abbomination in the movie looks pretty cool. And, in the movie, Abbomination was injected with the super soldier serum like Captain America. The only problem is that the super soldier serum was destroyed in the comics. Okay, I think i've talked enough for one post...so...be sure to check out the movie if and when it comes out.

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