Saturday, March 14, 2009


We, as you probably already know, are HUGE Iron Man fans and we have the latest info on the next movie. First off, the enemy is going to be the almighty War Machine, James "Rohdey" Rohdes (played by Terrance Howard in the first movie.)How do I know this? Well when you watch Iron Man as many times as I have, you notice some hints, like when Rhodey first sees Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.)put on his Iron Man suit and break through his roof, Rhodey looks over at the Mark 2 Iron Man suit and says to himself "Next time baby". The second movie is "Next time" when Tony Stark goes broke and Rhodey dons the Iron Man suit while adding the latest war machinery to the suit and changing the colors to black and silver. Another hint is in the credits when you see the Ten Rings (we'll get to that in a second) in a circle, it canges into the barrel of a gun mounted on War Machines shoulder, I know it looks like Iron Mans shoulder but just trust me, it's not.Unfortunatly, Terrance Howard will not be playing James "Rhodey" Rohdes, some new guy is, I can't remember his name but I think he'll do fine. What I'm worried about is the Manderin, he's Iron Mans ARCH NEMISIS who has ten rings, one on each finger, each with its own unique power. If you hadn't noticed, in the movie, the terrorist group that captured Tony Stark is called "The Ten Rings" refering to the manderins rings (well, Thats our very educated guesse). The thing that we're worried about is the Manderins race, (not being racist) in the comics The Manderin was Chineese but in the movie, the terrorist clan that is working for The Manderin is like Vietmeneese or something so lets hope that the Manderin is Chineese and NOT anything else. New stuff has been totally ruining the past stuff, but more on that in another post. the last villan that might be appearing is Fing Fang Foom, also from the original comics. he is a dragon-looking alien from another planet who gave The Manderin his ten powerfull rings. In the comics Fing Fang Foom ( I love saying that!!) looked like a chineese dragon like in those chineese new year parades. I don't Know when The Manerin or Fing Fang Foom will be coming in, they may not be coming in until the third movie,or they might come in on the second one, I don't know when, but they WILL come in the movies eventually. At least I hope.


  1. the guy that is gonna play the villain in Iron Man 2 is Mickey Rourke.


  2. cool i want to see it the movie i mean

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    this is the second to last comment! were gona send u the blue bogata ball!!!!